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Who We are

We Sri Lankan based IT Company, Our mission is to allow businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely - worldwide. We are focused on making technology more simple, flexible, and accessible. Organizations that prefer IT to be functional, robust and flexible, but not overly complicated look to TechGates's unified collaboration, communications and security solutions.

Whether you want to communicate with clients or colleagues via voice with TechGates VOIP, Securing your corporate network with state-of-the-art security appliances with TechGates's network security solutions, allowing your users to access their desktops securely from anywhere with TechGates Virtualization Infrastructure solutions and ultimately let us to build your corporate network with industrial standard materials and security.

IT Professionals

We have highly knowledgeable, very well trained with great experiences IT Professionals are doing everything.

Great Support

We are providing support via remotely, via email, via phone or even in some cases we are visiting you and offer our support.

Let us Do

Let us to do your organization's IT part. Our IT Professionals are implementing every solutions we provide by visiting you.


Return on investment on ventures that have involved us in their projects

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